Via Pantaneto 23, Siena - 53100 Italy

What to see around Siena

The villages and hamlets around Siena, like all Tuscan locations, are so beautiful as to appear painted: they are enchanted places, small groupings of buildings that appear on hilltops and hillsides around Siena.

Some of the most evocative hamlets are San Gimignano, the town of towers; its ancient alleyways are steeped in centuries of history, a story told by centuries-old buildings and by museums, such as the torture museum, which is rich in detail and well-curated; Volterra, renowned for its city walls and its ancient roman-etruscan origins. These towns coexist with breathtakingly beautiful views and panoramas and are sure to deliver unique experiences to visitors.

Nearby towns such as Montalcino, home of the Brunello and the best wine Tuscany has to offer, as well as Pienza, grandly bring together history and eno-gastronomical excellence