Via Pantaneto 23, Siena - 53100 Italy


In the historical center of Siena, entering with cars is not allowed. However, there are several parking garages.

Just outside of Porta Romana, the closest to Sallustio Rooms B&B, visitors will find the Via Roma parking; visitors must pay for parking during the day but it is free from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

 Via Roma Parking

At a similar distance, visitors can park freely on the street in the are around Porta Pispini. It is within walking distance to Sallustio Rooms B&B but visitors can also comfortably reach us within a few minutes on the bus n° 52.

Rest area outside Porta Pispini

Visitors looking for covered parking will find the San Francesco parking, equipped with automated rise. Moreover, all the other parking garages in the city center are within 15 minutes of walking distance from Sallustio Rooms B&B.

San Francesco Parking

If visitors are looking for a free parking solution, the preferable solution is to head to the free parking areas in the outlying areas of the town, and then use the buses to reach our bed & breakfast.
From the Viale Toselli parking, for example, every 15 minutes the bus n° 52 will take visitors directly to Via Pantaneto, directly in front of our bed & breakfast.

Other Parking Places in the City