Via Pantaneto 23, Siena - 53100 Italy

Moving around on foot

Our bed and breakfast is in Via Pantaneto, one of the most ancient roads of the city, just a few steps from the Piazza del Campo.

In the city center, it is easy for the visitor to move around on foot, or by using the numerous buses that connect the city center to the outskirts.

Visitors can download the App to coordinate with the local public transport, to find bus lines and stops near one’s position or to select desired locations.

The App also allows visitors to buy tickets online, as well as showing the nearest shops to buy tickets. Tickets can also be bought by sending an SMS to the number 4860607, with the text “SIENA”; this ticket, which must be ordered 5 minutes before boarding the bus, costs 1,50€ and has a duration of 70 minutes.




The city is also serve by a bike-sharing company.

Daily tickets and Annual tickets are available. For visitors who want to visit the city and its outskirts the daily ticket is the best solution: it is available online-only. This service requires the Bicincittà App which is free to download on the App Store and Google Play.

The daily ticket costs 10€ and allows 5 hours of riding time; the two-day ticket costs 15€ and allows 10 hours of riding time. Visitors can find nearby bicycles in bike-parkings through the App.

For longer stays, it is convenient to use the Annual ticket option, which costs 30€ plus a fee of 0,50€ after the first half-hour of use. If opting for this solution, the rental card can be obtained in the bike-parking in Via Curtatone.


Other bike-parkings near our bed and breakfast are located in S. Girolamo and S. Agostino.